Surf Street Art of Horror














BERT’s Surf Street Art of Horror
October 2014

Fanning is seen smashing through a locked door toward Medina as if at one time Mick was considered out of the title race. Mick disagreed and not only pounded on the door, but with his win in Portugal, smashed right through it back into title contention.  Medina, who had been in a comfortable lead through France, now stands shaking and scared watching Mick creep closer with every slash. Medina remains confident due to his faith in God and the support of all of Brazil. Brett Simpson “murdered” Medina’s chance of winning the title in Brazilian-friendly Portugal, and is seen writing “murder” backward across the wall. Slater was not able to capitalise on Medina’s loss, but like Lloyd the bartender encouraging memory erasing at the bottom of a glass, Slater offered up a stiff dose of dizziness with his historical 540, ultimately drowning any memory of his early Portugal elimination. In the movie, the chef attempts to save the Torrences, but finds an axe to the chest much like what Medina most likely wanted to do to head judge Richie Porta once he learned that he did not receive the score needed to advance through his heat against Brett and possibly win the title. And who better to play the Grady twins than the Hobgoods?


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